Providing Residential & Day Activity Facilities for People with Learning Disabilities situated in and around the historical town of Colchester....

Our Premises

Within Pathways Care Consortium there are ten residential premises located in seven sites in and around Colchester. The homes provide comfortable, enabling and supporting living opportunities for 57 persons of varying ages and degrees of ability.

Our Location

All homes are located in residential areas of Colchester, most within the town limits and two homes in village settings yet within easy reach of all amenities available in the town of Colchester

Quality of our Homes

Our homes are maintained to a high standard with all modern conveniences, appropriate adaptations / equipment and meet all CQC and Health and Safety standards.

Homes are decorated and furnished to provide a 'home like' atmosphere with each service user and/or family having the opportunity to personalise his/her bedroom with choice of decoration, furnishings and personal belongings.

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