As part of the regular quality assurance process, we invite commnets/views of all those that use the service and their relatives.

The following commnets were made by the services users who live at Eight Ash Court.

When asked what do they feel the home does well? One said ‘they have enabled my son to have a quality of life that I never thought he could have and they have done this in a family atmosphere’

When asked ‘Do you feel the care home meets the needs of your relative? One said ‘I am very pleased with the level of care given.  The care homes provide a full range of activities and tries to include special requests, for example, music therapy, horse riding.
Staff members are always cheerful and patient.
Staff members are approachable, flexible and empathetic and every effort is made to determine my daughter’s needs’ and during some recent health issues they said they found our support reassuring and helpful.

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